Where are these carts made?
All Bicyclecart.com bicycle carts are Amish made in Shipshewana Indiana by Dave Wingard.

What is the overall dimensions of the standard cart?
The main compartment is 14″ deep, 18″ wide and 26″ long (inside dimensions).  The cart’s overall length is 4’9″ (from the front of the hitch tongue to the back of the cart).  Widest and longest outside dimensions without the hitch is ( is 2′ 6″  wide x 2′ 6″ long.  Height of the cart (including wheels but without the hitch) is 2′ 2″ tall.

We do not ship outside of the US at this time.

How soon will I receive my bicycle cart?
Your bicycle cart should arrive in about one week of placing your order. On occasion, it takes longer because we are sold out. I then have to say, “Dave, make more! We got people wanting carts!”. Sometimes they arrive in just a few days.

What is included with the bicycle cart?
The cart comes with one black plastic bike hitch. Fenders and cover are optional. Your seat post slides through the hitch and it remains on your bike.

Can I easily hook my cart to different bicycles?
Yes, but for convenience, we recommend that you buy an additional hitch for each bicycle that you plan on pulling your cart with. Extra hitches are $14.23 each.

What assembly is required?
The carts requires minimal assembly. The wheels, neck and kick stand (standard cart only) will need to be bolted on. All hardware is included. Your seat post needs to be inserted into the cart’s hitch. Expect about 15-30 minutes for assembly.

Can I carry my Dog in the bicycle trailer/cart?
I have been asked this question many times. This cart was not designed for this purpose. There is no clear way to make it safe for your dog to ride in. If you choose to give your dog a ride, you are on your own. We do not recommend it.
As you know, some dogs can’t be trusted to “sit, and stay”. That said, we recently received this YouTube video.

Can children ride in this cart?

Will my personal information be shared with any other party?
NEVER! We will never share ANY of your information with anyone!